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Ajuma korean cuisine

Homemade Authentic Korean Food

Ajuma Korean Cuisine

Homemade Authentic Korean Food


No same day pickup at the moment. Please allow at least 48 hours advance notice prior to pickup date.

Call/SMS/Viber (0917) 866-3550


Monday – Saturday
11:00am – 4:00pm

Sunday Closed


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178 Apt I, Gatmaitan Bldg. P. Santos St. Malibay, Barangay 166 Pasay City

mobile# (0917) 866-3550

Pin for courier: I use Tickle Toes Parlor since they are on the ground floor and I’m on the second floor.

How I started

Liberty – Owner of Ajuma Korean Cuisine

During the pandemic, I wanted to start selling my Chapchae but I really wasn’t sure if this was the right direction or the right time to sell. I started selling to my friends, neighbors, acquaintances and former office mates and could not believe the positive responses. I guess that’s how I started last year.

I wanted my Company name to have a friendly vibe so Ajuma means “the friendly neighborhood Auntie”! This is a tip of an iceberg, and I have so many delicious dishes I want to share but for now I would like to introduce the TOP Five Korean Traditional dishes!

Order as you wish! Kamsahamnida!

My TOP 5 Korean Traditional Dishes


This is a recipe passed down from my late Mom Suncha, who was a Korean. She used to cook the Chapchae and other great Korean dishes on my family’s birthdays and special occasions. I would also bring her Chapchae when I had potluck at work and remembered how my co-workers loved it. I tried to master her chapchae for several years and proud to say I think I did! It is a must to try my chapchae. I cook it with a lot of Passion and Love just like my mom did!

Cooked with Fresh Korean beef and fishcake. All vegetables are fresh from the local Market. Korean mushrooms are used. Sesame seed and oil is used for that special Korean flavor.


Party Tray
Aluminum pan 10.5″ x 12.5″
Good for 6 to 8 persons

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Mini Tray
Aluminum pan 10″ x 7″
Good for 3 to 4 persons

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Tastes and textures of Korean flavor all rolled into one delicious and colorful dish is a lot with low caloric intake! Enjoy with friends or family or alone!


1 bowl. Good for 1 person.

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This is a Korean pancake usually made with spring onions, however I find it delicious when combined with Kalabasa! When you dip them in my special tangy sauce, this dish can be quite addictive.


2 pieces with tangy sauce.

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Kimchi Chiggae

This is my favorite! I loved how my Mom made it… but I have made my own version. I have a friend who orders my chiggae quite regularly and mentioned that it is sooo good! This is a spicy dish and a must with hot rice!


1 tub. Good for 2 to 3 persons.

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Kimbab is unique and versatile. It usually consists of meat, vegetables and egg. The sausage or ham, carrots, cucumber, Korean pickle, Fishcake and egg are rolled in rice and seaweed. This seaweed roll or Kimbab can be eaten alone or with sauce. This dish is a favorite among Korean students. Korean Moms make beautiful Kimbab for their kids lunches!


1 roll.

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3 rolls.

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My Favorite Non-Korean Dishes

California Maki

This dish is no longer part of my top 5 traditional Korean dishes but California maki happens to be one of my favorite kinds of sushi. Practically everyone loves the delectable combination of crabsticks, cucumber, mango & avocado. The sweet-umami crabstick taste complements nicely with the crisp and refreshing flavor of the cucumber, while the mango and avocado adds just the right amount of creamy richness.


48 pieces
Round Tray or Bilao
Good for 6 persons

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24 pieces
Round Tray or Bilao
Good for 3 persons

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US 8th Army Base Hamburger

This is the US 8th army base hamburger. My mom’s burger recipe from her American boss at the 8th Army base in Korea. It has onions and drizzled in mushrooms. Friends say it is sooo good!


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